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Family Friday: Give your kids this gift in the next 48 hours

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Happy Friday and Merry Christmas🎄

This will take 1 minute to read and 10 minutes of your time.

I hope you'll give your kids this last-minute gift.

The Blessing

By now you've shopped and wrapped and the anticipation is sitting like a powder keg in your home. Everyone is counting down.

In a last-minute moment, what if you could give your kids a gift that they couldn't outgrow or break? Something that wasn't a trip or experience?

As great as your presents may be, I'd like you to consider giving them something else in the next 48 hours.

Your words.

Not just any words though. Words in the form of a Blessing.

You may not consider yourself a word person or a writer. That's ok.

The fact that it's coming from you gives it more power than anything else on earth.

Whether your kids are 2, 7, 13, or 17 you can bless them in the next 48hrs.

It could be over a meal on Christmas Eve.
It could be in the form of a letter in their stocking.
It could be a special moment in your pajamas on Christmas morning.

I'm turning the tables a bit here for you, from consumer to creator, but what a gift your kids could receive.

And you know what, they need it from you. It's what they want more than anything else. Your blessing.

Will you take 10 minutes and write out something for each of your kids and share it with them for Christmas?

A book titled The Blessing was written 30+ years ago and laid out what this looks like for parents. It involves the following:

  • Meaningful touch for your child
  • Attaching high value to the individual
  • A spoken message of love and acceptance
  • Verbalizing a special future for that person
  • An active commitment to fulfill the blessing

A few prompts for you to write out and share with them could be...

  • I have loved watching you grow in ___ this year.
  • I am proud of how you handled ____ recently.
  • I noticed you made a change in ____ and that was hard.
  • I believe in you because you have ____ qualities.
  • I see a special future for you as you use ____ talents.
  • It is a privilege to get to be your mom/dad right now because ___.
  • I love you because you are my son/daughter and nothing can ever change that.

When I was in my 20's my dad told me that I would make a good writer one day. I had no idea what he saw or if it would ever be realized. What he said has never left me and 20 years later, this little Friday newsletter is one of the outcomes.

Your kids crave your Blessing. I hope you'll give them that gift.

Take the time. Create a moment. Speak from the heart.

I pray you have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas!


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