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Family Friday: 3 Simple Ingredients

Published 3 months ago • 3 min read

Family Friday Newsletter - 2 min read

by: Finley Robinson

A Single Sentence from a Season Ahead

The competition isn't with your child's heart for you. The competition is between you and everything else in your life that you could give your time to as a parent.

The kind of parent kids are thankful for

A lot goes into the day we all experienced yesterday.

I once was able to just show up and eat because my parents took care of everything. They bought the food, they planned the sides, and they cooked the turkey.

I’m at the stage now where I appreciate more than ever what they did to make our Thanksgiving day happen. Why? Because now it is on me and my wife to do it all...but I kinda love it.

(*Low-key, my older teenagers were incredible helpers yesterday and completely changed the hosting game. Someday I promise you'll get to experience this too.)

As adults, we live into our present because of the practices of our parents in the past.

What you are doing today as a mom or dad transforms into a blessing and boost to your children.

3 Simple Ingredients

I was asked this question recently and I knew the answer would find its way into your hands sooner or later.

What are the qualities or attributes of a good parent to their children?

In other words, what approach or practices will give your kids the highest possible chance to flourish in life?

I wanted my response to be simple, so…

Here are three consistent things your kids need from you. Give them these and you’re assured of their thankfulness someday.

1. Provide - give them love, connection, and resources to grow.

You have what they need most, so be lavish.

Kids need parents who provide for them. They need your physical resources but they also need your heart.

As their provider, you take from your storehouse of life and spend it on them. Give them what they need through your words, wealth, and time.

2. Protect - ensure their safety and keep them from internal & external harm.

Life is full of danger, especially for those who are most vulnerable.

Kids don’t know what they don’t know. It is up to you to protect them, both from themselves and from the brokenness of our world.

Can you be overprotective? Yes. Should you be constantly fearful? No.

Protecting your kids is a delicate operation, but they will be thankful you were intentional on their behalf.

3. Push - force them into responsibility, refine their character, and give vision for impact.

The path of least resistance never creates a great story.

Kids need parents who push them. During the life stage that is most moldable (ie. ages 3-13), they need to be shaped.

Speak into their lives. Help them try new things. Take them on adventures. Slow down and explain why. Make them uncomfortable at times.

When you are this kind of mom or dad, your kids will know they belong to intentional parents.

They will be blessed and have so much to be thankful for on the day when they are in charge of the turkey.

​Thanks from me to you

This week, something out of the ordinary happened ... twice.

I had parents on two different occasions stop me around town and thank me for what I write and share every Friday.

They told me how it's impacted their family. They said that it's given them hope that someday they'll see the outcomes of their intentional investments at home.

While it is a rare thing to get stopped around my town here in Arkansas, it is the coolest experience. We get to talk about their family and kids. I see the hope in their eyes and the exhaustion on their face.

Thank you for allowing me into your home in a small way every week. I truly believe you will be a parent your kids are thankful for someday.

I have been writing and sharing this newsletter for 18 months now. Seeing parents like you open and read it each week has been humbling and I'm so thankful.


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Helping propel moms & dads of 3 to 13 year-olds to invest in their power-decade of parenting. Father of 3 teenagers and pastor of 20 years turned digital writer.

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