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Family Friday: A Proven Recipe For A Flourishing Family

Published 18 days ago • 3 min read

Family Friday Newsletter - 3 min read

by: Finley Robinson

A Single Sentence from a Season Ahead

The three most important words you can say to your children to help them develop mental and emotional grit are 'figure it out.'

Proven Recipe

There is nothing families love more than a proven recipe.

A dish that has stood the test of time, fed hundreds if not thousands of people, and passes down because it's that good.

Do you have recipes like that?

Something I learned early on, during the newborn stage when people kept bringing food to our house, was that I needed to collect these recipes.

When I would follow up with a thank you text for the food someone brought us, I would often ask for a picture of the recipe if it was special.

Sure, I could just google something similar, but I wanted that one.

It stood out. It was satisfying. It tied me back to that person.

Today, my family has dozens and dozens of proven recipes that we use often plus some that we dust off for special occasions.

Apple Pie.
Shrimp Boil.
Smoked Wings.
Bacon Fried Rice.
White Chicken Chili.
Chicken Rice Casserole.

Sorry if you're getting hungry.

Here's why my family loves a proven recipe. It's predictable and yet everyone still enjoys it. It meets the standard and you can count on it to deliver joy and satisfaction.

So, when it comes to the dynamics of your family, can you pursue a home with a similar dynamic? We discovered this particular two-ingredient recipe to be so simple and effective.

  1. Predictable Rhythms
  2. Wonder Moments

I realized after about 10 years of being a dad why it is so powerful and wonderful.

Predictable Rhythms and Wonder Moments aren't opposites but instead, they are a complimentary pair that allow your kids to flourish inside your home.


You can read about it in a scientific journal or ask a wise friend. You can also experience it yourself. Providing kids with a predictable home is one of the greatest unlocks for their upbringing.

When you are intentional about creating a predictable home, the stability it brings is unmatched.

Predictable meals
Predictable routines
Predictable emotions
Predictable discipline
Predictable schedules

Your parenting season of 3-13 will flourish when you provide it.

But don't be fooled ...

Predictable isn't boring, it's safe.
Predictable isn't lazy, it's strategic.
Predictable isn't control, it's caring.

It enables your kids to feel safe, reduces overall anxiety, and allows their brains to develop without needing to always be on high alert.

It is freeing for your kids to have a predictable life around them because then it allows them to open up to the world of ...


One of my favorite things about being a dad was having a front-row seat for decades worth of "first times."

To watch my kids experience a plane landing, ocean waves crashing, or the perfect chocolate chip cookie for the first time was so special.

There are a lot of days I wish I could go back and watch them for the first time because I'm not sure I appreciated how special it was then.

Wonder moments come in big and small packages. In the every day and on the special occasion.

Rolling down a hill.
Star gazing at night.
Getting a new puppy.
A visit to the aquarium.
Playing in a splash park.
Watching a sparkler burn.
The family road trip out West.
Butterflies from the first crush.
Double bouncing on the trampoline.

Wonder is what makes a child a child. It is one of the great joys of being human, to grow up and have your mind blown away.

Wonder is the heart and the mind colliding into each other.

Wonder is the experiences that bring smiles and transformation.

A home that chases wonder is never short on stories.

And like any favorite recipe, there are certain measurements and amounts that help make the dish taste just right.

I don't believe there is a perfect ratio of these two ingredients.

I will say that more of a child's life leans towards predictable which then provides the opportunity for wonder to show up like the young neighbor of Mr. Incredible.

Wonder creates curiosity in a child.
Wonder dazzles the mind of a child.
Wonder captures the heart of a child.
Wonder connects the parent to the child.

Family Takeaway: Don't leave predictable rhythms & wonder moments to chance in your family. Be strategic and pursue them on purpose for the sake of your kids.

Have you ever thought about your home in this way? Which one of the two do you find comes more naturally to your family?

I'd love to hear if you'd reply back and if you find this helpful for your home, please share it with a friend!

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By Finley Robinson

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