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Family Friday: Parents Should Take Time Away

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Hi there, it's Finley 👋🏼 and Happy Friday.

Today's story comes as a choose-your-own adventure ...

Give Them A Break

I've been out of town with my wife this week, so I'm sharing some of the more highly-read newsletters from the past 9 months.

Before that though, a few reasons why I believe everyone should have some time away from their children to focus on their marriage.

*I know that not everyone who reads along each week is married or is still married to their child's mom or dad. I understand there are circumstances where mom and dad are no longer together and that affects you every day.

A few reasons why time away for mom and dad is good for everyone:

  • Catch up on your rest and sleep
  • Help you stay connected as a couple
  • Have fun stories to come home and tell your kids
  • Show kids they are not the center of your universe
  • Reset some perspective about your home while away
  • Kids gain by having experiences with other caregivers
  • Provide space to maintain your health as an individual
  • It's always good to miss someone you love (ie. your kids)
  • Invest in experiences with other peer parents and friends
  • Planning and thinking about family values and/or budget

I hope you can get away, even for 24hrs together sometime in the next 4-6 months. It is always a great investment in your home.

Now ... choose your own adventure.

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